Trust, Technology, and Blockchain

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Can you imagine how people, companies and the financial market will behave in a post-crisis reality? For Professor Raghavendra Rau, trust will be a fundamental aspect in this new world of business. Understand more about it! Raghavendra Rau is a professor of finance and a researcher at the University of Cambridge. In his research on the financial market, he seeks to understand the behavior of companies, investors, intermediaries and governments. In this webinar, the professor proposes a reflection on trust, technology and blockchain in the post-Covid-19 business world.

Vanja Abdallah Ferreira is a senior researcher at Fundação Dom Cabral and is contributing to the development of the project “COM: Unidade – Conexão CEO”, a series of webinars on current and relevant topics for society. Oliviero Roggi holds a PhD in Management and Finance from the Bologna University. He is currently a professor at Fundação Dom Cabral in the areas of corporate finance, valuation and risk management. Along with our host Vanja Ferreira, he contributes to the conduct of this webinar.

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