Rebalancing Society: Strating Now with Henry Mintzberg

Language: English
Country: Brazil
This video is the property of: Fundação Dom Cabral and Coaching Ourselves.

Find out what thinks about the current context, one of the most influential professors, Henry Mintzberg, who sat down for a “fireside chat”
with Viviane Barreto, Associate Dean for Global Strategy at FDC Brazil and Phil LeNir, president and co-founder of CoachingOurselves.

A radical revolution. Perhaps this is what the world needs. And maybe this is the time for that to happen. The isolation by measures to contain contamination by Covid-19 and the whole environment of unpredictability and uncertainty generated reinforce the need to review our models, strategies and paths. An opportunity opens up in the midst of chaos. Unlike others in the past 100 years, this crisis takes on a global scale at an unprecedented rate. Our society has never been so connected and so interdependent. At other times, countries and even continents were affected. Industries and segments were affected. But now, it is as if the whole world stopped at the same time while, behind the scenes of the empty streets, a reorganization was underway, a rebalancing for the wheel to turn again.

And it was in this context that Viviane Barreto, Associate Dean for Global Strategy at Fundação Dom Cabral hosted one of the most influential Professors about management.

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