Leadership, Power and Reflection in the age of Covid-19 with Prof. Jonathan Gosling

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Leadership, Power and Reflection in the age of Covid-19 with Prof. Jonathan Gosling. Thursday, Apr 16th, 2020
Our ways of working have changed, and long-accepted economic norms are stretched. In a world filled with feelings of anxiety about the near-term and uncertainty about the longer-term future, how do we approach these challenges together? What can we do to help our organizations, our colleagues, our friends? In this webtalk you will learn about Leadership, Reflectiveness and the Pleasures of Power. As organizations respond to the Covid-19 crisis, there are special challenges for those of us involved with the ‘people’ aspects of organizations. Deepening our sensitivity and understanding of ourselves and others is crucial, and this is made easier by clear conceptual appreciation of how normal organisational dynamics are amplified and changed in such extraordinary circumstances. FDC and CoachingOurselves are proud to present this webtalk with CoachingOurselves author Jonathan Gosling hosted by Viviane Barreto, Associate Dean for Global Strategy at FDC.

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