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Let’s work the road ahead: Budgeting and building savings

Taking into account personal income and expenses is the key to budgeting and planning, thus knowing the available resources to savings. Without the latter, unexpected expenses may harm any budget. Savings will help in emergency situations and, more importantly, to meet personal financial goals.

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Bank Market Power and Firm Finance: Evidence from Bank, Firm and Loan level Data

We present new measures of market power for the banking industry in Colombia and estimate their effect on the cost of credit for non-financial firms. Our results suggest that bank competition increased during the 2006-2008 period –even as concentration increased– but decreased thereafter. Using a unique combination of loan, firm and bank-level datasets we are…

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Water access and collective action: two key factors to fight the COVID-19

We will discuss how collective action between different social actors with varying levels of power, resources, interests, and motivation can help not only to improve the water access but also to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

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Ciencia, Cocina y Nutrición: Trinomio cuadrado perfecto para el desarrollo de alimentos.

En este webinar se presentarán reflexiones de las principales tendencias alrededor de: la ciencia y la gastronomía; la nutrición y la cocina;  y los retos en la alimentación para situaciones particulares.

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Facing uncertainty during challenging times: Practices we need to embrace to better understand consumer behavior

Understanding people has been a centuries-long problem. To this day, there’s still a lot to cover. Our physiology, the way we learn, our experiences and social contexts are all so complex and dynamic that with the current research practices we use, it could be said the surface of this problem is barely being scraped. The…

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