Corporate culture

Importancia de los Términos de Comercio Internacional – INCOTERMS® 2020

Conocer la importancia de los Términos de Compra Venta Internacional y la actualización con la nueva versión de 2020.

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Water access and collective action: two key factors to fight the COVID-19

We will discuss how collective action between different social actors with varying levels of power, resources, interests, and motivation can help not only to improve the water access but also to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

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Facing uncertainty during challenging times: Practices we need to embrace to better understand consumer behavior

Understanding people has been a centuries-long problem. To this day, there’s still a lot to cover. Our physiology, the way we learn, our experiences and social contexts are all so complex and dynamic that with the current research practices we use, it could be said the surface of this problem is barely being scraped. The…

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Webinar: Accountability

Impulsa a tus equipos a lograr resultados exitosos desde un contexto de responsabilidad compartida Comprende la clave para influir de manera positiva en el desarrollo de una cultura organizacional con sentido de accountability (responsabilidad) e identifica tanto los factores potenciadores, como aquellos que obstaculizan dicho desarrollo.

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